The “TanzMischpult” (the Dance mixer) is a set of large cards made to introduce dance to anyone who is interested in experimenting with dance and choreographic methods without necessarily needing any former dance education.

Here the students become the directors/choreographers themselves, with the help of the cards.This publication is a collaboration with the theatre educator master Maike Plath – who developed the “mischpult” concept und published several card sets before with different themes.
In her work, Maike Plath focused on both the participative creative work with teenagers and the concept of “open Knowledge”, which is also the essence of the “Tanzmischpult”.

On the front of each card there is a key word – pointing to a movement or choreographic element.
On the back of the card is the explanation for this element.
The cards are placed on the floor – allowing the students to experiment themselves, and to build their own choreographies.

The “Mischpult” is a great method for anyone who is interested in experimenting with dance composition study.

The methods in this publication are based on the experience that I gathered as a teacher for movement and choreography, teaching the students how to work with dance and choreography elements within the framwork of their theatre class.In doing so, I developed methods for working with dance composition methods in different contexts.

Maike Plath and myself will give two weekend workshops to introduce the work with the “TanzMischpult”

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