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photo from the project “Out of Line”  2018, Berlin.  Dancer: Elias Stujke, photo: Tobi Jall

Mein Körper – Meine Stadt (my Body – My City)
Dance video clips Screening from my recent project

Thursday, 4.7.2019 at 21:00 in Floating University ,Berlin.
(as part of floating Thursdays program)
Free of charge!



Open “Tanzmischpult” (Dance Mixer) Workshops 2019:

2-7.9.2019  “Sommerakademie” in Dillingen an der Donau (Bayern)


25-26.10.2019 in Urbanraum, Berlin. Together with Maike Plath.
Info and Registration here


To learn more about Tanzmischpult press here
Check out the recent Tanzmischpult video clip here