A video Clip we filmed as part of a Summer Tanzmischpult workshop I gave this Summer in Berlin. working with young dancers and Professional dancers from The City.

Tanz-Mischpult // Dance Together

Video-Concept, Artistic Direction, Choreography: Lior Shneior
Music: Man o To – NU / Be Svendsen Remix
Camera: Tobi Jall
Second Camera: Andrew McCarger
Editing: Thomas Steimer
360° Camera & FX: Sebastian Preisendörfer
Styling: Andreina Vieira
Assistant : Christina Kettering
Location: X Lane, Reichenberger str. 154, Berlin.

From/ With: Anna Rödieger, Claudia Horu, Denise Noack, Elisa Doering, Ewa-Lisa Kraft, Julia Lehmann, Kate Kelley, Lily Hesse, Lydia Lieberti, Madeleine Hartmann, Magdalena Sporkmann, Martijn Joling, Mike O´connor, Mustafa Dertsiz (Mooz), Orlando Rodriguez, Rebecca Wandke, Ronnie Mertens, Thomas Hart, Tobias Galitzien, Valerie Funk, Veronica Santiago Monallo
*Choreography of the sequence “Team Pink”: Denise Noack

Tanz-Mischpult-Concept: Maike Plath, Lior Shneior

Das Tanz-Mischpult-Video ist Teil des Talent CAMPus-Projekts “Dance Together”, VHS Neukölln

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