“Mein Körper – Meine Stadt” (my Body – My City) is a video album of young people and their movements in relation to the city in which they live in (Berlin) . From the beginning, the project was planned as a joint work of children, adolescents, young dancers and professional dancers with video artists. Together with all those involved, we set out in search of what moves us and how it can be put into motion. This should be implemented at various locations in Berlin and with different cinematic concepts. The result is 3 clips in 4 places. The city acted as a stage set and as an inspiration for choreography, content and aesthetics.

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Artistic Director: Lior Shneior
Project mangament: Christina Kettering
Camera: Tobias Jall
Editing: Thomas Steimer
Assistent : Mustafa Dertsiz (Mooz)
Styling (Kino Museum): Yvonne Reidelbach

Natálie Rose Adams, Ionela Barbu, Stefanie Bui, Mustafa Dertsiz (Mooz), Onur Gözüyilmaz, Mai Jenny Le Hoang, Ellen Kulke, Oldrik Leuenberg, Karlotta Martz, Ronnie Mertens, Elias Stujke, Yael Witzmann

Sibylle Günther, Kalle Fagerberg, Frank Schoppmeier, Martijn Joling , Sergey Zhukov

Ein Projekt von
Tanz & Theater im PHYNIX e.V. in Kooperation mit ACT e.V.,
und dem Nachbarschaftsheim Urbanstraße – Jugendtreff drehpunkt
Die Veranstaltung wird gefördert von ChanceTanz, einem Projekt des „Bundesverband Tanz in Schulen e.V.“ im Rahmen des Programms „Kultur macht stark. Bündnisse für Bildung des BMBF
photo credit (above): Pierre Adenis, dancer: Ronnie Mertens, Floating University –  Berlin.

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