“The evening opened with “Little Pinks,” choreographed by Shneior, a staging of Damon Runyon’s story of a nightclub busboy in love with its star performer. When her ambitions for a well-heeled man landed her at the bottom of a staircase with a broken spine, Little Pinks took care of her. And when she died, he took out revenge on the 7-foot-tall man who destroyed her.

The tale was depicted with a cool, dark directness. Shneior made it so in his roles as the heartless brute who destroyed the singer/dancer as well as the narrative’s puppet master. Carrying a backpack with costumes and props, he stepped in to illuminate actions and roles. But for the most part, he sat in a chair watching the story unfold, as a motionless, and emotionless, spectator of this sad tale.

An audio reading of the story was hardly necessary as dancers Andrew Champlin, as the heart-sick busboy, and Christy Williams, as the club performer, made their every intention clear.”

By Wendy Liberatore

April 6, 2014 Daily Gazette

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